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For tvheadend i had to provide a raw ts stream which could be used to tvheadend for testing some behaviour in a patch. But i had only encrypted channels which obviously can't be used to test. So i tried tsdecrypt on a raw mux dump (setup in tvheadend -> tv adapter) and it worked perfectly .

To be able to use tsdecrypt you have to install tsdecrypt and configure oscam to allow cam35 see readme file tsdecrypt.

git clone
svn checkout svn:// libdvbcsa-trunk
cd libdvbcsa-trunk
make install
cd ../tsdecrypt
make install

Now create a raw muxdump for the channel you want to have a sample on, by enabling the raw mux dump option (takes a lot of diskspace) then record the stream you want for 60 seconds. Stop the recording and also disable the option raw mux dump so your disk space wil not be eaten.

Now first we have to search the service id to extract from the raw dump. grep for the channel info in tvheadend config directory

grep -r RTL4 /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/dvbtransports

Now open the file and extract the service_id value (mine is 7020) Now run tsdecrypt as follows:

tsdecrypt -I /home/hts/muxdumps/_dev_dvb_adapter0_Conexant_CX24116_CX2411811856000_V_satconf_2.dump1.ts -s -U someuser -P somepass -c seca -O rawdump.ts -M 7020

You have to change the options:

-I path to your raw mux dump
-c into your ca system
-U username for oscam
-P password for oscam
-s oscamserver:port
-M the service_id which we extracted before from the tvheadend config

now your input file will be decrypted and you can send a sample to the developers.

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